The ACTUAL Coup on January 6, 2021

Was the January 6 Capitol Breach used as cover for an actual coup? Trump's criticism of Pence's “failure” has deeper context FEBRUARY 5, 2022 - This past week, former US President Donald Trump again criticized former Vice President Mike Pence for Pence's handling of the disputed 2020 presidential election. Trump said that Pence failed in his duty as the President of the Senate at the January 6, 2021 Joint Session of Congress to ensure the integrity of the election when there were “obvious signs of voter fraud or irregularities.” Recently, Pence criticized Trump's earlier complaints about his handling of the January 6, 2021 Joint Session of Congress, which, as a part of the regular legal process of validating Presidential elections, was convened to certify the legitimacy of the Electoral College votes of the various states. Trump accused Pence of having acted as “an automatic conveyor belt for the 'Old Crow' Mitch McConnell to get Biden elected President as

Federal suit charges genocide, seeks order restraining further US aid to Israel

UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA From Proposed Order in re: DEFENSE FOR CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL – PALESTINE; ALHAQ; AHMED ABU ARTEMA; MOHAMMED AHMED ABU ROKBEH; MOHAMMAD HERZALLAH; A.N.; LAILA ELHADDAD; WAEIL ELBHASSI; BASIM ELKARRA; and DR. OMAR ELNAJJAR Plaintiffs,  v. JOSEPH R. BIDEN, JR., President of the United States, ANTONY J. BLINKEN, Secretary of State, LLOYD JAMES AUSTIN III, Secretary of Defense, in their official capacities,  Defendants Case No.: 23-cv-5829 WHEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that Defendants, as well as their agents, employees, servants, attorneys, successors, and any person in active concert or participation with them, are ENJOINED from engaging in activity that supports, aids and abets, or otherwise furthers, the genocidal campaign against the Palestinian people in Gaza, including the transfer of any financial or material assistance to Israel. Defendants are ordered to meet their obligations to comply with customary intern

WHO Chief: Israel took out 2/3 of Gaza's hospitals

Since the 7th of October, WHO has verified more than 250 attacks on health care in Gaza and the West Bank, in addition to 25 attacks on health care in Israel – hospitals, clinics, patients, ambulances. Last week, WHO documented 5 attacks on 5 hospitals in one day. In the past 48 hours alone, four hospitals have been put out of action, representing some 430 beds. More than 100 of our UN colleagues have been killed - and counting. And as we speak, there are reports of firing outside the Al-Shifa and Rantisi hospitals. Half of the Gaza Strip’s 36 hospitals and two-thirds of its primary health care centres are not functioning at all. Those that are functioning are operating way beyond their capacities. The health system is on its knees, and yet somehow is continuing to deliver some lifesaving care. See video here of WHO report to UN Security Council See transcript here of WHO report to UN Security Council

US, Israel vs. World at UN General Assembly

The world demanded a cease-fire in Gaza Friday, with only the following nations voting "no" to a resolution in the UN General Assembly: Austria, Croatia, Czechia, Fiji, Guatemala, Hungary, Israel, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Tonga and the US. A Mouseketeer Roll Call of 45 US puppets from Albania to Zambia (including UK, the Baltics, Poland and Ukraine) abstained. Click here for full article.

What can be done for the people of Gaza?

Over 1 million people have been driven out of their homes by the bombings of the Israelis. No one can claim that a million people belong to Hamas. No one is bothering to make the claim. Impunity doesn't require anyone to make that claim. What kind of response came from people anywhere to what the Nazis did in places like Warsaw Ghetto? Did anyone make any of their embassies feel the kind of siege that was placed against the people who were victims of the Nazis elsewhere? Is there any historical precedent for this?

A Timeline for the Creation of the State of Israel in Palestine

From a Facebook post by  Fiona Bateson : For those in the back new to this, a simple timeline explanation. Educate yourselves and others. What is happening was inevitable due to the lack of knowledge or complete apathy of much of the international community. The rest of the simple timeline for those who still bother to actually read more than headlines is in the comments below. Feel free to copy the text, save it to your device as a file, read it in full (several times if you have to), and figure out what to do once you fully understand. Many scholars, experts, and academics over the years have warned about the consequences of apathy and misunderstanding, which we are all now beginning to see.  Turn off your television sets and learn, then act on what you now know. I won't get into why you've been deliberately mislead, that should be obvious - suffice to say in very simple terms, by 1916 it was obvious to those in power that oil was the future, henceforth the Sykes-Picot agreem