Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is Tripoli Obama's Bay of Pigs?

Interview with New York journalist Don DeBar, on, 23 Aug 2011 at

"Gaddafi opened up the armories to the people of Libya, more than a million rifles and other arms have been handed out to the people of Tripoli. The claim that has been made, wall-to-wall, from the so-called 'progressive' media of the United States to such a Fox is that Gaddafi is a hated dictator and that this is an indigenous rebellion. The dictator does not hand people guns and say: 'Please, defend me!'

"This has more the appearance of a large-scale Bay of Pigs, where the invaders are being enticed to come in and engage the people on the ground, than it does some sort of a 'people's rebellion' backed by the United States which, by itself, would be a remarkable event if it were true."