Saturday, March 26, 2011

I talked about Libya on a local TV program...

Last week I was asked by Bob Dene, host of the local cable TV program Videopoem, to guest host a couple of shows for him.

So I did two programs - the first, airing this week, is about Libya, with a lot of information that not even the so-called progressive media is reporting. The second, airing late this coming week, will deal with the reactor disasters facing Japan -and, indeed, the whole planet - as well as a couple of local (to Westchester County) issues.

The Libya program is also on YouTube at and worth the 28 minutes it runs to take it in.

The cute part is that the programs were recorded in Chappaqua, NY - home of former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - and will be airing there numerous times over the next weeks. The Libya program deals in depth with the role of both in the illegal (under the US Constitution) attacks on Libya without Congressional approval.

I can only hope that one or both of the Clintons will be home while it airs and have the chance to see that not every person in this country has bought into their games.