Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Closing in on Election Day, Lowey still invisible

After ducking out of the League of Women Voters debate on October 19, Lowey and her hand-picked "Republican write-in candidate" Cortes DeRussy were the only candidates invited the next day to the Journal News Editorial Board for a "debate" that more resembled a race to the bottom, policy-wise.

We have been experiencing a similar problem - i.e., a news blackout - with News12 (which has yet to even mention our campaign).

Although we announced this campaign a month before DeRussy, and although we actually have major policy differences with Lowey over such issues as the wars (we want out NOW!), the economy (we want to put the money in the hands of the people and not the banks, and want the people's debt to be reduced by the amount given in bailouts), we were not invited to the JN "debate".

In fact, except for a blog posting by Marcela Rojas on the Journal News website on September 30, our campaign has not been mentioned once in their pages. DeRussy, however - also a write-in candidate, and virtually unknown outside his hometown - got four-by-four coverage there and also on News12. AND a place at the "debate" table at the Journal News.

Nevertheless, the word is getting out - see the Examiner News front page piece "Activist Launches Write-in Campaign Against Lowey" at for one.

What's funny is that, even as the local corporate press has done a freeze-out of our pro-people, anti-corporate campaign against Wall Street's Congresswoman, just this past Sunday my picture was on the front page of a major Middle Eastern international press service, adjacent to a piece which covered a march to the home of a war profiteer in Greenwich.

The march, organized by Nick Mottern and World Can't Wait, started with about two dozen of us assembling in Greenwich's downtown and marching a seven-foot long mockup of a drone bomber aircraft for a mile or two (boy, was it heavy!), to the gates of the gated community which houses the Chairman/CEO of ITT.

ITT manufactures bomb release materials for the drones which are killing civilians in Pakistan and elsewhere.

Neither Nita Lowey, nor the Journal News, nor News12 were there, if you were wondering, although they had ample notice. Fars News Agency, however - often used as a source by such as the Washington Post, NY Times and other international press - did publish a report, and pictures.

We did run a couple ads for this week which lay out why Lowey might be afraid to debate. If you drop us a note via email at we will forward a pdf of a flyer which you can print and hand out in your town or on your block or at the office. If a dozen people made a dozen copies and gave them to a dozen friends, it would be easy and a big help in getting the word out.

Also, please take a look at the video of my visit to Lowey's office on March 17, 2003, four days before the "Shock and Awe" bombing of Baghdad which, as we tried to tell her, was unnecessary and a war crime. It's at my Facebook page at under Video. IF you have any illusions about Lowey's priorities, that should dispel them.

Also, if you want to know who Lowey really works for, check out and look at Nita Lowey and her career contributors. You'll learn that she has taken in more than FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS ($15,000,000.00) in campaign contributions while she has been in Congress, and that, out of her top 5 lifetime contributors, Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns and Citigroup, Inc are numbers one, three and five, respectively.

Any questions?